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If you are interested in attending an Italian language course in the Abruzzo, we will be glad to help you in your decision by giving you some useful information:


Abruzzo is a region situated in the central part of Italy, between the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea. Abruzzo borders with the Marches to the north, with Latium to the west, with Molise to the south and with the Adriatic Sea to the east.
There are four provinces: l’Aquila (the regional capital), Teramo, Pescara and Chieti.
L’Aquila province is very large and covers about half territory of the region, while Chieti is the most populated province.


The territory of the region is about 10.900 square Km large and it is mostly mountainous (65%), partly hilly (35%), while the only flat area is the Fucino Plain, that has been obtained by draining the homonymous lake.
The Apennines cross the region with their most important peaks, as Mount Gorzano (2455 mt) in the mountainous group of the Laga Mountains and Corno Grande (2912 mt), in the Gran Sasso group. We shall not forget Mounts Morrone, La Maiella, the mountainous groups of Mount Velino, of Montagna Grande, of Sirente and of Meta.
The most important rivers are: the Liri-Garigliano, the Aterno-Pescara, the Sangro and the biggest basins of the region are the Lakes of Scanno and Compotosto.


If you are travelling by plane, Abruzzo Airport is your reference to reach the region. This airport is linked to the most important Italian and European airports.

If you arrive by car from Rome and from the regions which lay north-west in the peninsula, you can drive on the A25 Roma-Pescara.
If you are still coming from Rome, you can reach the region through Comino Valley on the A1 Milan-Naples.
You can reach Sangro Valley on the main road SS 509 and with the SS 627, you can get to Lake Selva (the Molise part of the National Abruzzo Park).
The A14 along the Adriatic coast leads you to Pescara, while the clearway Bifernina (from Termoli to Campobasso) leads you to Isernia.
Then if you are coming from Neaples and you want to reach the Abruzzo National Park, you can drive on the A1 as far as Caianello.

The most important state railway line in Abruzzo is the Roma-Pescara one, while the Sulmona-Roccaraso-Castel di Sangro-Carpinone line has been called the “parks’ railway”, since it reaches the Abruzzo National Park, where you can find Alfedana station.


Abruzzo is, as every Italian region, a territory rich in traditions and culture, that offers to the visitors a big variety of landscapes and of typical areas to visit, besides many dishes to taste.
The territory of the region presents a low and sandy coast that fosters the sea tourism, thanks to the mild climate that you can enjoy along the coasts.
The other famous touristic destinations are Roccaraso, a place which is well known for the winter sports and the National Abruzzo Park, of course.

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