ASILS Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language


Since 1991 ASILS - Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language - has brought together the top private Italian language schools and cultural centres in Italy. It has schools and centres in 10 regions throughout Italy which welcome a total of around 28,000 students a year. The attention ASILS pays to training and education on multilingualism has the purpose of promoting the Italian language as a means of professional and cultural mobility and as a driving force for tourism in Italy. For many years ASILS has worked on building good relationships with Italian and international institutions and with all the players in the “Sistema Italia” with the aim of establishing a constructive dialogue which helps break down bureaucratic barriers. It also aspires to introduce a national quality assurance system which is so vital for the prestige of the Italian language and culture worldwide. Schools wanting to join ASILS have to meet strict quality requirements.

Guarantees offered by ASILS

Schools affiliated to A.S.I.L.S. guarantee that: -their teachers are selected for their professional skills and personal qualities, hold a degree and have experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language -they have permanent registered premises compliant with law provisions as well as standards whose objective is to promote classroom learning -their advertising material contains a detailed description of the courses and services they offer -their prices are clearly indicated and that the number of lessons, their length and any additional services offered are specified -any student needing help to find accommodation will be offered lodging that has already been inspected and selected and that the address and a description of same will be sent to -the student before departure students are assigned to a class of the correct level for their language skills, evaluated with an entry level test -the number of students is not higher than that indicated by the school in its advertising material -the director is always willing to meet students to help them solve any problem they may have -students' progress is constantly monitored -a cultural and recreational activities programme will be organized with the aim of further promoting language learning and social and cultural interaction -students receive an attendance certificate and/or course content description -on completing a level students can take an exam, based on the Council of Europe Modern Languages Project, to verify the language skills acquired -students are free to contact the General Secretary of A.S.I.L.S should they have any serious complaints to make.

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