Learn Italian in Italy

Learn Italian in Italy with the most updated methods.

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If you enrol for one of the Italian courses proposed by It-Schools, you will have the possibility to learn our language by attending varied and interesting Italian lessons.

For their lessons the Italian Schools make use of the most advanced and acknowledged methods, which are based on the communication of the language at several levels.
In fact, the Italian courses that the schools propose offer you the possibility to use the spoken language even from the beginning, above all to learn the first principles of the language and to be able to talk in Italian without being afraid.
This method allows you to learn Italian in a friendly atmosphere that helps your learning and makes your conversation easier.
In fact, you can attend also Italian Grammar lessons, Syntax, Writing, Conversation, Phraseology and Business Italian lessons, including also language refresher courses at various levels.
Usually the complete teaching activity to learn Italian language is helped by external activities in contact with the local culture as talking Italian in everyday situations or making tests or reading Italian daily newspapers and magazines.
So choosing your course you will have the opportunity to attend rich and high-quality Italian lessons, which will open your mind to the knowledge of the language, the culture and the beauty of Italy and its art.

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Learn Italian in Italy with the most updated methods.

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