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Verona and its romance

Lingua It - Verona

Lingua It - Verona

Verona and its romance

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A river that meanders through cypress-lined hills, cobbled streets that echo with the footsteps of centuries, antique squares lined with frescoed palaces, ancient stone tombs that speak of loves lost and wars won …

This is Verona. And its romance is palpable.

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It is a living, breathing romance born not only from an extraordinary and dramatic history but also from the gently passionate attitude of the city’s inhabitants. From its most delicate shrine to its grandest monument, the city exudes poetry and a rhythm of life that is at once calming and invigorating. This duplicity of grandeur and delicacy is echoed in the attitude of the city’s people who nurse both an enormous zest for life and a quiet appreciation of the little things.

Happy murmurings and laughter bounce off the stuccoed walls of Medieval buildings and squares just as the expansive and lively gesticulations of Italians in conversation are shadowed on the cobblestones in the noon day sun. The ancient Roman Forum with its Renaissance frescoes and cloud-scraping clock tower, is today the social pulse of the city.

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Here, in Piazza Erbe, between the fruit stalls and outdoor bars, foreigners and Veronese mix in a magical symphony of sounds and colours. Sometimes quiet (but often raucous) drinks are taken in moody subterranean bars, candlelight flickering on the old Roman foundations. Grocery shopping is done in a modern supermarket housed in a 17th century fish-market, its oil-stained ceiling beams lurking unnoticed above the rows of pasta, risotto and prosciutto.

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The unexpected surprises of Verona are found around each corner and at the end of every cobbled street. The beautiful vistas of the surrounding landscape that can be glimpsed between the ancient buildings and the warm amber glow of lights in the evenings, instantly remind all who visit here of the magical love story Romeo and Juliet, set in Verona by Shakespeare in his famous 16th century play.

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Many travellers of the past, from Goethe to Ruskin, have visited and fallen in love with the city, passionately filling endless pages with descriptions of the charms and beauty of Verona. The travellers of today are equally in awe. Picture a great piazza with a Roman Amphitheatre at its centre. This is Piazza Bra, the heart of Verona. Here, between the porticoes and the ribbon of sidewalk cafés, the arena stands testament to the city’s ancient past.

On summer nights under the starry Veronese sky, the magical sounds of the open-air Operas and modern rock concerts performed here infuse the city with life and a sense of spectacle that is unique and unforgettable.

In this City of Romance, the ancient and the modern are intertwined, joined by the people who were created by it … and who in turn create it again.

Claire Adams & Alexander Marden

Lingua It

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LINGUA IT is an institute that specialises in teaching Italian to foreigners. The school’s primary objective is to immerse students in the real language and culture of Italy.

The school is located in the historical centre of Verona just a few steps away from the Arena and the most important monuments of the city.

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In a relaxed and informal environment, over an extended period of time, students at LINGUA IT quickly improve and loose their fear of speaking a new language, frequently surprising themselves with the speed at which they become competent and confident with Italian. The teaching method adopted at the school encourages active class participation and interaction by all students.

LINGUA IT also provides a range of services and facilities for students including, a common room and student café, an Internet access point, a comprehensive italian book, film and games library as well as an accomodation service.

Verona and its romance-Body

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