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Todi: "The Green Town"

La Lingua La Vita - Todi, Umbria

La Lingua La Vita - Todi, Umbria

Message from the director of the institute,
Dr Stefania Belli:

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Why shoud students choose to study at our school:
La Lingua La Vita, a program of The Language Center S.r.l. School, has been offering for 15 years residential courses in Todi, Umbria, a beautiful medieval town with Etruscan and Roman origins.
We offer intensive courses and accomodation with selected host families or in nice restored apartments in the center of town. The students have 4 hours Italian tuition in the morning, while in the afternoon La Lingua La Vita offers many cultural events as a follow up of morning language lessons.

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Together with their teachers, in small groups of maximum 6 participants, the students enjoy such activities as cookery and painting, food and winetasting, guided tours to the most beautiful Umbrian towns and archeological visits, viewing of a film, ceramics courses, breakfast Italian style and lessons on culture, from Opera to Rome's Imperial banquets, we could go on and on…

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We also offer Full Immersion courses in villas and country-houses where students spend all day together with their teachers communicating in italian, horse-riding, trekking in the woods, exploring historic sites or just 'hanging out' by the swimming pool.
The welcoming and friendly atmosphere which is naturally created between students, teachers, families and residents favour both language learning and the full immersion of our guests in Italian social and cultural setting.

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This guarantees our students a surprisingly easy socio-cultural integration into local community living, which is also made up of musical events, festivals, heritage celebrations, or simple get togethers in the piazza. Our teachers are all qualified, native- speakers with proven experience in various teaching fields. They are constantly on hand to assist the students and their main objective is to make them feel at ease while they learn in a friendly and warm atmospehre. Our unique teaching method helps the students to speak our wonderful language, choosing to improve the highly practical and communicative aspects in an equally wonderful setting - "la dolce vita " indeed.
The language certification criteria adopted assure an objective student evaluation, directly linked to the ALTE indicators approved by the European Council.

The city of Todi

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The antique city of Todi is one of the most enchanting cities in the Cuore Verde - "green heart" - of Italy and it is the perfect place to study and to be exposed to Italian language and culture, far away from the noise and bustle of large tourist centres.
The city of Todi is the ideal place for visiting Umbria as well as central Italy: as it is by car just 90 minutes from Rome and two hours from Florence, cities also easily accessible by train or bus; whereas the regional Sant'Egidio Airport is just 30 minutes away.

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Todi is a gracious medieval city with very antique origins, which surges upon a hilltop, on whose slopes flow the beautiful Tevere River. The beautiful Todi piazza, famous throughout the world, boasts splendid public and ecclesiastic palaces, and is still today the hub of the city's civil, economic and social life. It is a great meeting place for residents and tourists - filled with open air cafés, art, antique and clothing stores - so much so that often you don't even have to pick up the phone to get together, just take a hop to the piazza where everyone unites.

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It is also an excellent place of reference for our students, who easily find a strong network of friends here, so that they live and experience the city just like an everyday resident.
Todi and Umbria well represent an alternative lifestyle, offering values always more sought after in the future as they become rarer to find in today's society: a slow rhythm which allows for reflection, free space and mostly the richness of sincere and profound human relationships.
Our stay at Todi therefore offers not just language studies, but also and most importantly the possibility to practice Italian on a constant, day to day basis, through the participation in cultural events characteristic of our country, thereby allowing students to savour the true taste of living in Italy.