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Taormina:the Greek culture

Babilonia, Taormina (Sicily)

Babilonia, Taormina (Sicily)

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Taormina is in the right position to discover the "other" Italy or, to use Goethe's concept, to complete your image and knowledge of Italy understanding its roots and its origins.

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The Roman culture, the Romanic period and the Renaissance have their roots in the Greek culture and Sicily and Taormina keep most of the tradition, of the culture, of the way of life and of the monuments of that period.

On the beaches of Taormina the Greeks landed for the first time and founded their first colony in Sicily. And here in the "Magna Grecia" you will find most of the surrounding in which most of the Greek mythology takes place! We opened our school here 11 years ago to offer this to the "lovers of Italy".

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Of the possible destinations for studying the Italian language in Italy, Babilonia represents one of the very few possibilities in Southern Italy, in the stunning town of Taormina, on a hill by the sea, full of culture, history and with a plethora of outdoor activities . With its beauty, incredible history and architecture, and reputation for welcoming travellers, Taormina is perfectly situated to offer students easy access to the scenic and historically important treasures of Sicily, with its sun warmed, beige pebble and sandy beaches, its crystal clear waters perfect for scuba diving, its snow-topped active volcano Mount Etna, and numerous hiking trails in rolling golden hills, Babilonia is ideal for the student also looking for adventure.

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Here at Babilonia, in addition to your Italian language lessons, you will have the opportunity to explore these regions lesser known to the average tourist on holiday in Sicily. We can offer hiking excursions, eco-tours, adventure sports; mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, caving, scuba diving- pretty much whatever your outdoor heart desires! We try to as much as we can to take students to the truly special places off the beaten track, the places known more by "locals" than by tour buses and travel agencies.

And…. on top of that, we are the most accredited school in the South of Italy!
In fact, BABILONIA is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education and is member of ASILS -Association of Schools of Italian as Second Language- and IALC - International Association of Language Centres.
We are also accredited by the University for Foreigners of Perugia as Official Exam Centre for the CELI exam and by the University "Ca' Foscari" of Venice as Teacher Training Centre for the ITALS master.
Plus, we are also recognized in Germany for Bildungsurlaub and in Sweden by the Agency for Higher Education for student loans. Moreover, U.S. students can get their university credits through AAAI.

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Apart from all the recognitions, we offer a variety of individual and group language course and a wide choice of extra courses (cooking, eco-tours, art & crafts, adventure sports, culture courses). The price also include insurance for in and outdoor school activity, teaching material, a program of social activity and free access internet points at school.

Our school is located in the heart of Taormina and most of our air-conditioned classrooms overlook the wonderful view over the Public Gardens, the Bay of Naxos and Mount Etna, the same view that "shocked" Goethe and all the other writers, painters, film makers who, after him, followed in Taormina.

And you, you will be able to drink a coffee, send an e.mail, read the newspaper from the student lounge and the top terrace enjoying the same view, the same colours and the same atmosphere. And, from here, being able to explore and experience the beauty of this land rich of history, natural beauties and food & wine traditions!

Language is not just a set of grammar rules, language is above all the result of a way of seeing the world, is a different eye on reality, is a way of interpreting life. That's what BABILONIA would like to offer to you!

A presto!