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Spaziolingua: a new italian language school in Milan

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Spaziolingua - Milan

Logo Spaziolingua Italian language school in Milan

SPAZIOLINGUA is a newly created school in the middle of historic Milan. It offers new proposals and innovative ideas in a way that all students – regardless they current knowledge on the Italian language – will certainly fell involved and interested. The school has a cosy, relaxed vibe; it is designed to create the perfect atmosphere for learning, while having fun.

In addition to standard courses, we try to accommodate individual learning needs.

Class sizes are small, designed for a maximum of 7 students, to ensure the effectiveness of learning. Exactly for this reason, we also offer so called “mini courses”, they are designed not only for groups, but also for individuals who want to optimise their performance to the fullest.

Italian Pasta

SPAZIOLINGUA also offers a variety of special courses, such as “il corso Aperitivo”, this course is for anyone who would like to improve their conversational skills in a real “Milanese” setting, the wine tasting course is for those who want to know all about one of the most beloved aspect of the Italian culture: the vine; the course for opera singers we have targeted young talents whom are dreaming to study or work as singers. We also proudly promote our partner schools, in two splendid settings: in Tuscany and in Campania. Our weekend courses are designed for students whom are simply too busy to devote some time during the week or for those who dedicated enough to under go our full immersion course with the possibility to be joined by the teacher during lunch.


At last, but not least the course of culture and history tailored for the need of those students who want to learn about the Italian culture in a playful way, such as extra curricular activities, explorations and sightseeing.

SPAZIOLINGUA offers its students a unique opportunity, the SPAZIO-CARD, with this card you can get discounts in certain shops and also with our business partners.

All teachers of SPAZIOLINGUA earned their qualification DITALS and constantly follow the best institutions whom providing this type of training.

The students of Spaziolingua can enjoy a support for their need to find accommodation or to retain a student visa.


To learn more about our offer, please visit:


For those who sign up by the end of 2012, we offer a special discount of 10%!!!



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