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TURIN: learn italian while walking under arcades

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L’Italiano Porticando is an informal school for Italian language and culture for foreigners whose classrooms are the Turin and Piedmont area and whose books are the life, the culture and the landscape of Piedmont.


Turin and Piedmont are unique to discover, to visit, to experience.

Turin, already defined in Ancient Times as "The door to Italy", is situated in a strategic geographical position being not far from the Alps and only about 90 minutes from the Ligurian seaside.

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Founded during the Roman epoch, Turin, has its peak of splendor during the Baroque epoch, when as the capital of the Savoyard state, under the House of Savoy, it was competing with other big european capitals. The sumptuous Royal Residences, the imposive churches and prestigous palaces made then the city and its surrounding to places of delight and of splendor.

The city grew during the following epochs and became the first capital of Italy at the end of the eighteenth century and one of the most important industrial poles during the whole nineteenth century. Today, Turin is becoming more and more a magnet for cultural events thanks to its important national museums, as f.ex. the Museum of Cinema, which is situated in the beautiful and unique Mole Antonelliana, the Egyptian Museum, with the biggest collection after Cairo, many important exhibitions of modern arts, yearly international appointments, such as the Book Fair and the "Salone del Gusto" (an important international exhibition for oenogastronomical products) and its unique treasures like the Holy Shroud, the most important and mysterious relic of Christianity.

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Turin is also a magical place full of itineraries to be followed at night and in the underground of the city. A city which offers many places for entertainment, particular and alternative pubs and restaurants, but also many wine bars, cafés etc. where you can have a good time with your friends.

Turin, capital of a region which will fascinate the visitor and leave unforgettable impressions: charming cities, oenogastronomical itineraries in the Langhe and Monferrato area, the famous Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso, the valleys of the Olympic Winter Games 2006 – the Susa Valley and the Chisone Valley -and, last but not least, the famous lakes such as the Lago Maggiore and the Lago d'Orta.

Piedmont – a region rich in history, arts, culture and traditions. A real surprise for the attentive and curious visitor.

All this in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere – an opportunity one should not miss.


The school is situated in an eighteenth century building in the historic town centre of Turin, near the most important seightseeing destinations and cultural attractions, the museums and arts exhibitions of the city.

L'Italiano Porticando is a small school where the student will find an inviting and friendly atmosphere which will allow him to learn easily the Italian language and to get to know many aspects of daily life in this town and region.

In fact, the lessons will be held by highly experienced and qualified mother-tongue teachers in a direct communicative method which will motivate the students to participate actively in their lessons and extra-scholar activities.

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The students will have the possibility to join cooking lessons, to take part in wine tastings and to walk with their teachers under the 18 kilometres of Turin's arcades, where they can have a rest at one of the many historical cafés in order to taste the famous "Bicerin" or Turin's famous confectionery, or where they can allow the many "Made in Italy-Shops" to lead them into temptation of shopping.
The school will organize together with real professionals of the Piedmont area seightseeing tours and visits to museums for those who love history, arts and culture and excursion to the mountains or the lakes for those who love nature.

The combination of language tuition with extra-scholar activities related to the Piedmont area is the result of the schools conviction that to learn, to know and to become keen on the Italian language it is essential to get to know the many cultural aspects of the place you are visiting.


The integration of language and culture is perfectly carried out in our Language holiday courses and in our Courses for university students.
The Language holiday courses, which are one-week-courses, have always a particular "topic" and are organized in Turin or in one of the charming cities of the Piedmont area (in the Langhe, the Monferrato or in the Susa Valley). They are "designed" for those who want to spend a cultural holiday "all inclusive", where the language experience is integrated with the cultural experience.
The Courses for university students are two-weeks-courses and are held in Turin. They are thought for future translators or interpreters and for students of philology and of the faculties for Italian studies. These courses aim to prepare the students for their professional future allowing them to know better job related language aspects through combination of language lessons with "on the spot" experiences.

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It is, of course, also possible to combine Courses in small groups (2 to 4 people), Individual Classes or Standard courses (5-10 people) with Cultural courses on topics like history, arts, architecture, religion and traditions of Turin and the Piedmont area.


Because there is a young, motivated and highly professional team who believes in its mission and who knows well the surrounding area.

Because for the founders of the school - Caterina, Laura and Rosaria - the student is not only a "number", but somebody to listen to and to look after from the first contact until the end of the course.

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Because there is the conviction that efficient learning is only possible if lessons are adapted to the needs of the students and not viceversa.

Because educational materials can not be bought, but are produced "ad hoc" for each single course.

Because, in comparison to many other italian regions, in Piedmont you will not find "mass tourism" but an exclusiveness characteristic only for few italian regions.

Because Turin is a big city which small-town characteristics, a changing city ready to welcome, with its hidden treasures, which reach from Ancient Times to Baroque to Contemporary times, curious people interested in getting to know new things.

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Because, with its strategic position between the seaside and the mountains, its hills planted with vineyards, its artistic and culinary traditions, its many possibilites of cultural and leisure activities and the presence of big companies known all over the world, the city has something to offer to anyone who is prepared to know it better.

We are looking forward to meeting you
Caterina, Laura e Rosaria



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