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Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera - Alghero


A Pintadera is a round little tool sculptured out of stone or made of clay, its origins mysterious and antique like those of the nuraghi, used to finely decorate bread.

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Sardinia is special: the climate, the landscape, the food, the history, the people. Situated on the northwest 'Coral Riviera' of Sardinia, Alghero is the perfect place to experience all of these things and to learn the Italian language.

The bustling little town of Alghero offers more than just beautiful white sandy beaches and crystalline waters. Tradition combined with modernity and a mild climate make it a fascinating place to visit all year round. The people are amiable, outgoing, warm-hearted – the Italian spoken here a very pure form of the language which you can use with confidence all over Italy.

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Founded by three women, two of which from Alghero and the third native of Berlin, the Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera is located in a quiet and picturesque alley of the Old Town. The language courses, small in size, with classes of maximum 6 students offer a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere perfect for the learning of Italian and familiarising with this country’s culture. The teachers are friendly, motivated university graduates who are chosen not only on the basis of their teaching ability but also their personality.

Learning Italian with Pintadera is an enriching and mind-opening experience. From the very beginning we take language out of the class-room into the streets of Alghero. All five senses are activated during the learning process - not only do you listen and speak, but you eat, live and breathe Sardinia.

Our Italian language and culture courses are an integral part of a broader project. We promote activities that lead to an intercultural exchange. To this extent, language is of vital importance as it communicates ways of life, habits, traditions. Pintadera’s courses and itineraries are such that different cultures meet and understand one another. Affinities and divergencies create new points of growth in those involved.


Our basic Italian language, Lingua, two week group courses (with a maximum of 6 students per class) at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels commence every two weeks. The courses are held all year round Monday through Friday from 9.00 until 13.00.


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To compliment the Lingua courses, in the afternoons we provide two hour cultural courses with excursions - Cultura - on three afternoons a week. The areas of focus vary from day to day. Topics include: history and architecture of Alghero, the Harbour area and Marina with emphasis on the fishing industry in the past and today, the market place - what’s grown when in the Alghero area, food specialties. We also do afternoon lessons on Italian popular music, the cantautori, the text of the music, their historical and cultural significance. All courses are held in Italian.

In addition to the basic Italian language courses of our Lingua & Cultura programmes, we hold special courses with more flexibility for those on vacation in Alghero.


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is a special visitor's course the purpose of which is to teach basic notions of Italian, to ease comunications with locals, in restaurants, bars and shops, to gain more insight as to the way of life in Alghero, and just generally for a more enjoyable holiday. The course is structured so that you have 30-45 minutes in the classroom followed by lessons outdoors.

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It is a course in continuous evolution as it takes into account what’s going on in town. Our intention is to show visitors a side of Alghero that they would normally not get to know. It is also possible to encorporate a Buon Appetito cooking session in your AllegraMente vacationer’s course. We tailor this course to suit your tastes and needs.

Buon Appetito

In collaboration with one of Alghero’s foremost chefs, we offer cooking sessions in the restaurant situated just below the school. The course is called Buon Appetito and a session can also be booked alone.

Uno, due, tre

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During the summer months, we organise courses for small groups of children where learning becomes part of a game. Local children participate in the Uno, due, tre course so that a cultural exchange is ensured.



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