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Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo - Pisa and Viareggio

Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo Pisa-Viareggio


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The first Thomsonfly flight lands in Pisa on May the 20th and connects from Coventry, in the heart of England, to Pisa. Pisa is the fourth town to join the Thomsonfly network and is also reachable with Thomsonfly from Bournemouth and Doncaster Sheffield. Moreover, you can arrive in Pisa from Schipol Amsterdam, Hamburg Lübeck, Frankfürt Hahn, Bruxell, Glasgow, Liverpool, London Stansted and Barcelona Girona with Ryanair, from Berlin, Bristol and Paris Orly with Easyjet and from Manchester with With Hapag-Lloyd you can reach Pisa from Berlin, Hannover, Stüttgart, Köln-Bonn and from Coventry-Birmingham. München is connected with Pisa by AirDolomiti.

These are just examples of direct flights. From Dublin and Shannon to Pisa the connection is in Brussels Charleroi airport in Belgium and in Frankfurt Hahn in Germany.
Pisa airport is 1,5 km far from the center of the town and is connected with the Central railway station by a bus trip of 5 minutes.
Many of our students assert that the trip from their own home to the airport in their country is more expensive than the flight to Pisa.


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During your Summer in Pisa you can take a short trip, even by bicycle, to the beach. In Marina di Pisa the river Arno meets the sea and you have the opportunity to enjoy of a beach relaxing time.This place is called "Bocca d'Arno", where you can see hanging fishing-nets and enjoy that suggestive atmosphere evoked by Italian important artists, like Gabriele d'Annunzio.

Beyond the river mouth is located S. Rossore, with the Apuan mountains in the background. S.Rossore is a Regional Park, with its race course and its enchanting woods, just in front of the small town of Marina di Pisa, with its nineteenth century appearance mostly due to buildings in "liberty" style.

Tirrenia beach is also easily reachable by bicycle.

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After so much writing and talking about ecological disasters, few people are willing to believe that in Italy there is still a stretch of Mediterranean pine forest that hides a bathing resort, a place where no building has been allowed on the shore. Whoever comes to Tirrenia is struck by the beauty of the forest. If you want to reach the shore from way, you have to walk through the cool shade of pine trees before plunging into the light and into the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Thanks to the trees the wind is reduced to a light breeze which makes the tops of the tallest pines sway and cools the air on hot summer days.

In Tirrenia you can enjoy yourself in a night club or play sports, like golf on a course surrounded by woods, you can sail, go horse back riding, underwater fishing and rowing.


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It is worth visiting Pisa in June, not only because of its artistic beauties, that are famous all over the world, but also because of the numerous folk celebrations that the town offers in this month.An excellent festivity, among the celebrations of the "Giugno Pisano", is the Luminara di San Ranieri on the 16th June, that lights more than 70.000 wax squat candles (put into some glasses called "lampanini"), which are fixed on white laths (called "biancheria") and put at the windows of the town palaces and at the main doors, creating an evocative and fascinating effect.

At the same time, on the surface of the Arno, they put some floating candles, which are slowly driven by the current in the dark, with the result of a really charming atmosphere.This celebration reaches its climax at about 11.00 p.m., with the throwing of the fireworks from the Cittadella Vecchia …

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The next Sunday is the Gioco del Ponte (Game of the bridge) a contest in which teams of the town's four quarters try to push a rail-mounted seven-ton trolley off the main bridge and into the other team's territory. It's all very ritualized (and usually bloodless) now, but this is another of Pisa's ancient traditions, and, more than any other, it arouses the spirits of the locals. It starts with a parade of hundreds of costumed "warriors", all wearing their neighborhood or club colors and real or reproduction medieval and renaissance battle gear. Almost all carry the traditional Pisan mazzascudo (club-shield) a wooden weapon, bigger than a baseball or cricket bat -- wide and flat at the top and pointed at the bottom.


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Recently in the Pisa surroundings started an high qualified production of wine and Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo offers to its student a trip to the Farm of Fibbiano where they can taste several good wines under the guidance of a professional sommelier. In Pisa are also many typical "trattorie", restaurant where it is possible to enjoy of traditional food. In particular, some typical recipes of this town are: minestra di fagioli bianchi di San Michele (soup with white beans from St Michele), the Bavettine sul pesce (a starter made of bavette, a kind of flat spaghetti, which are served with fish), the Zuppa di ranocchi (frog soup) and the Riso con le arselle (rice with clams).

The most used kinds of fish are: the grilled mullet from the mouth of the Arno, the Pisan cèe (the cèe are the eel’s fries), the boiled sting-bull and the sweet-and-sour baccalà or stoccafisso (dried salted cod).

Also the production of some local types of cheese is good, among which the pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese).



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