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Sanremo: "the Town of Peace"

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The Town

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Sanremo is situated on the western end of the Ligurian "Riviera" which stretches right along the coast from "Cinque Terre" as far as Monte Carlo on the Côte d'Azur. Sanremo was already famous for its climate, beauty and culture by the end of the 1800s when it was discovered by Russian princesses and English barons. Sanremo is also known as "La Città della Pace" (Town of Peace) or the "Town of Flowers" and has recently been appointed as the home for the world association of the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Visitors to Sanremo have a hard time making up their minds what to do?
- Should they seek out beaches, sun and surf? After all the town enjoys 300 days of bright sunshine yearly. In the summer it gives you a fantastic tan. In November, it caresses you with its warmth, in January it makes you throw your coat away. In March it seduces you to go to the beach.
- What about the bustling town centre with its lively and colourful markets, promenades of palms, elegant shops and boutiques, or Pigna, the medieval village in the centre of Sanremo with its historical buildings and churches dating from the 13th and 17th centuries.

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- Why not go to the theatre for an evening out? The Ariston has a theatre and musical programme, and in February presents the famous Italian Music Festival.

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- Sanremo has a busy calendar of events all year round. In January, the Flower Carnival, In March, there is the classic Milan-Sanremo bike race, in April a sailing regatta and the Antique Car Rally, during the summer months the International Fireworks Championship and Sanremo Estate, in October, the World Rally Championship, in November the West Liguria winter Championship Regattas.

Sanremo is the most important town on the Riviera dei Fiori and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. The Riviera has been described as a mountain diving into the sea. From Cape Cervo to the French border it is a continuous series of bays, ports and coves that 300m above the sea become valleys, gorges and peaks. There is certainly no risk of getting bored!



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