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Rimini: the Malatesta town

I Malatesta , Rimini (Emilia Romagna)

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Rimini, favoured by a particularly mild climate in all seasons, is justly proud of its rich historical heritage, which can be traced back to Roman times.

Besides being an important seaside resort, it also has a harbour for fishing boats and tourist craft. It is surrounded by a beautiful countryside where a wealth of artistic treasures awaits discovery.

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Rimini's numerous discos and the cozy bars along the seaside promenades are our students' favourite venues, in which they can meet a lot of Italian young people and spend their time together in a pleasant atmosphere.The city offers foreign students all the right ingredients for a pleasant and successful introduction to Italian language and life.

The school

Rimini: the Malatesta town-Body

The school is situated in the center with its bustling street markets, lively pavement cafes, fascinating craft workshops and the harbor's fish market.
Courses are available all year round and have a minimum length of two weeks. Teaching methods, time tables and levels are integrated to ensure both rapid linguistic development for all students and active participation in local Italian life. The wide range of artistic, cultural and traditional features are coupled with the cordial hospitality, sincerity and courtesy for which people in Rimini are known.
The Malatesta Italian Language and Culture center organises courses in Italian for students all over the world. One of its many branches of studies, the Accademia Italiana dell'Opera, offers a 2 or 4 week training program for non-Italian singers who wish to improve every aspect of their singing. It includes an intensive course of Italian, vocal technique seminars, classes on the interpretation of Italian repertoire, as well as stage presentation lessons and an introduction to Italian musical culture.
At the heart of our approach to opera studies is, as a matter of fact, the belief that only through a greater understanding of text, culture, musical style and performance can you achieve a qualified musical training.
Staff in our singing department is internationally renowned, and its success among young opera students all over the world has made the Accademia one of the major institutions in the field of opera studies. Thanks to the widespread success of our program, the regular course of classes and seminars at the Accademia has been enriched for the current academic year by a series of events that are meant to give our students a very exclusive insight in the world of the bel canto. Among them, we are proud to announce masterclasses with some of the most important names of the contemporary opera scene, such as LUCIANO PAVAROTTI, KATIA RICCIARELLI, GIUSEPPE TADDEI, GIGLIOLA FAZZONI and MAURO TROMBETTA. Events like these will be followed by a rich opera season that the Accademia has organised to provide its students with a unique combination of the beauty, the art and the fine musical technique of the Italian scenery. Our summer opera season will as a matter of fact schedule 4 concerts, a month to be held in some of the most characteristic and historically renowned theatres of the local area, such as the Petrella Theatre in Longiano.

School worldwide recognition:

Högskoleverket - National Agency for Higher Education
I. A. L. C. (International Association of Language Centres)
Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione, con presa d'atto prot. n°423/G23/1



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