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Centro Italiano - Naples (Campania)



The school is in the heart of the historical centre of Naples. It is open all year round and organizes different kind of Italian language courses that satisfy the needs of the students.
Apart from the language courses the Centro Italiano offers complementary cultural activities: lectures about the most important aspects of the Italian culture, guided visits and tours, Italian films shows.


The teachers are specialized in the didactic of the Italian language for foreigners and have a long experience, moreover they have a communicative and cheerful temper. The school is characteristic of a familiar and informal surrounding where students are suddenly at their ease.



Naples offers the visitor a unique opportunity to experience and fall in love with the 'real Italy'. The narrow streets of the old city, still following the original Greek layout, are a maze of cafes, pizzerias, artisans' shops, churches, piazzas, palaces and historic buildings of all ages. This is a city full of history, bustling with life, just waiting to be explored.

Naples is a wonderful city of artistic interest which preserves strong links with its artistic and cultural heritage. Its historic centre which is recognized by UNESCO can literally be considered an open-air museum.


A stay in Naples also gives one an opportunity to take part in the everyday life of the city, hear the voices of people, get to know its traditions, religious and secular mysteries, come face to face with a mixture of the ancient and modern, admire the views which make their sudden appearance from the hills. To live in Naples means being a spectator of, and at the same time a protagonist in, an endless theatrical performance.
Naples is there to offer you an unforgettable experiences of art, history and culture.



Naples is not only art but also pleasure of the table: first of all pizza, and mozzarella, pasta with fresh tomatoes, seafood, pastry and wine.
At very reasonable prices it is possible to eat in small trattorias that still keep the traditional gastronomy of Campania.
The school organizes cookery courses for food lovers.

Throughout the year Naples offers cultural events, sports events, cookery competitions, theatre and music.
In Spring you can take part in the well-known Maggio dei Monumenti events - six whole weeks during which you are free to walk around the historical centre soaking up its art, history and culture. The monuments and museums are open on Saturdays and Sundays until late in the evening.
As you walk around the town, you see a great variety of events involving interaction with the public, folklore and dancing.


In Summer, apart from the pleasures of the seaside, you can take part in a series of evening open-air performances in squares, castles and public gardens.
Autumn in Naples is like a mild Spring, an ideal period for a study holiday. Apart from the Miracolo di San Gennaro (Miracle of Saint Janurius), you can enjoy the Festival of Piedigrotta (music, theatrical performances, fireworks over the Gulf if Naples) and of course the food of the characteristic pizzerie, trattorie and other eating places of the historical centre. Finally, at Christmas, you can visit the famous nativity cribs and go to concerts in the city's most famous churches.
The Centre organizes for its students evenings in pizzerie and in bars, walks and many other pleasant social events.
The mildness of the climate, the unusual character of the people, the mixture of many past civilizations, make our stay in Naples a very special, unique and fascinating experience.
The mildness of the climate, the distinctive character of the people, the mixture of many past civilizations, make your stay in Naples a very special, unique and fascinating experience.



Naples is in the centre of a complex cultural and landscapist system of great value and beauty.
By train, ferry or bus you can reach in a very easy and fast way, the most beautiful and famous places of the surrounding.
The islands of the Gulf: Capri, Ischia and Procida.
The wonderful places of the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast: Sorrento, Positano, Ravello, Amalfi.
The world most famous archeological sites: Pompei, Ercolano, Oplonti, Paestum.



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