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The Costiera Amalfitana

The Costiera Amalfitana connects the gulf of Napoli with the gulf of Sorrento. You should drive along a panoramic road which runs sheer to the sea and crosses characteristic towns and lovely spots.

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Our tour of it, begins from Sorrento, a traditional resort on the north side of the Costiera. It offers colourful bays, nice walks in the green of citrus plantations and a renowned handicrafts.

The second stop is Positano, maybe the most peculiar town of the Costiera. Its houses are grouped on mountain-terraces, surrounded by gardens of palm trees and citrus orchards. They all are white and cubic; often with a portico in the mediterranean style. Worth being seen is the sandy shore overlooked by the great cupola in majolica of S. Maria Assunta.

Not far from Positano is the Grotta di Smeraldo where the light filtrating from the water creates an unbelievable athmosphere.

Going back to the panoramic route you reach Amalfi, one of the old mariner republics along with Pisa, Genova and Venezia. It's a town of white mediterranean houses and small romantic lanes. You can visit the Duomo, originally built in the eleventh century, but redesigned in an arabian shape in 1203 and finally restored in the eighteenth century, with a beautiful bell tower (1180-1276), a gothic hall and the precious bronze portal created in Costantinople around 1066. From the inside you reach the chiostro del Paradiso: it was the cemetery of the aristocracy.

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Going back to Sorrento, it is possible to catch a boat or a ferry to the isles scattered in the Tirreno sea: mainly to Capri and Ischia.
Capri is famous all over the world for its Faraglioni, the huge cliffs that stand out on the right side of the harbour of Tragara, and the wonderful Grotta Azzurra, so called for the quality of the light that filtrates from the water, which you can reach and enter by boat.

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Ischia is the largest of the islands in the bay, famous for its very temperate climate, the luxuriant vegetation and the variety of spas spread everywhere. Ischia Porto is the most important municipality as to the tourism, with its hotels, shops and typical restaurants. In Ischia Ponte there is the wonderful Castello Aragonese.

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