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I like it - Olbia- Sardinia

Trekking in Sardinia


The Italian school I like it is pleased to introduce its new schemes for the autumn and winter. We offer the special possibility to attend a course of Italian and to discover the secrets of the heart of Sardinia through the joys of trekking. The walks are for people who have experience and also for absolute beginners, in the delightful countryside that is wild and pure.

Autumn in Barbagia

With I like it learning Italian means also getting to know and love Sardinia and not just the coastal areas but also the centre. In fact from the 3rd of September until the 19th December 2010 the event “Autumn in Barbagia” gives the possibility to visitors to experience walks in places that are timeless, and to discover the true tastes and way of life of the agricultural villages of inland Sardinia, of Barbagia.

The Sardinians carnival

Absolutely not to be missed is the carnival, an event which is fundamentally important to every Sardinian. During the carnival people wear masks and strange costumes and sing. Traditionally the Sardinian carnival starts the 16th and 17th of January, in many villages they celebrate S. Antonio Abate and the night is lit up by big fires.
The masks are worn for the first time and around the fires people sing and dance warmed up by a glass of good wine.
The celebrations are concentrated in the week of the Thursday before Lent, and Shrove Tuesday and finish the Sunday after Ash Wednesday ( from 3rd March -13th  March 2011).
Who joins the Sardinians carnival finds themselves really involved in the celebrations. Broad beans and lard, pancakes and wine are the main ingredients of this unforgettable experience.

…The reasons to come to Sardinia are many… we are waiting for you!!

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Visit our website: www.scuolailikeit.it

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Special proposal from:
I like it - Olbia- Sardinia