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Going around markets in Palermo

One of the peculiar ways to spend a few hours in the morning is certainly going around markets. Almost every city and town, even small villages, have their own weekly or daily market.
The markets usually take place in historical squares or streets where the booths are scattered according to the kind of goods they sell. In the markets you can find almost everything: food, clothes, linen, fabrics, shoes and leather goods, hardware and houseware. Everything at reasonable prices. Nevertheless bargaining is a rule. Locals never buy anything without having first tried to lowering the price a bit. Most of the time you can count on a 5 to 10% of reduction.
Markets are the best places where to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Some of the booths are really picturesque for the disposition of the goods and the variety of their colours as you can see from the picture of the mercato Belloro or the mercato Vucciria, the most famous in Palermo.
They are places in which to find local artcrafts and local food. Nowhere else will you have a chance to taste the martorana (small cookies made of almond-paste in the shape of fruits), or the pupi di zucchero (sugar candy in the shape of puppets), or the sfincione (sort of pan pizza), or the panelle (fried pancakes made of chick-peas flour and sprinkled with lemon juice).