La Giara - Italian language school in Mola di Bari, Apulia - Italy

The school

La Giara - Italian language school in Mola di Bari, Apulia - Italy

La Giara, Italian language school in Apulia, is located in a central and quiet part of Mola di Bari, just a few paces from the Cathedral. Staying in Mola di Bari you have a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea with its fishing port and the famous fish market hall.

The courses

You can learn Italian in Puglia, far away from mass tourism, attending group or individual Italian language courses (standard or intensive). Your daily lessons of conversation take place in various situations of everyday life: at the vegetable market, at the fish market, on the beach, in a bar, etc.

The method

You have the opportunity to study Italian in Apulia taking advantage of the intense contact to the locals in various situations of their daily lifes.

Web site of the school: La Giara

Information form

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